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DDE records LTD 2005

The trio meets in winter 2004 when dutch bass player Joeri Hommerson who had just finished taping some pieces with X3 (Denny Seiwell drummer past member of Paul Mc.Carthney’s Wings and Chris Currel Guitarist past member of Michael Jackson band), decides to form an all European band (most of all Italian) signing Marco Maggiore on drums and Daniele Gregolin on guitar (session guitarist for many Italian pop stars).

They started working as a band on pieces already written in the past by Hommerson rearranging everything in new key tones giving birth to the Euro Groove Department.
In March 2005 they recoreded Optical Illusion in four days. Arranged by Euro Groove Department eleven original Hommerson's pieces were recorded, plus a very flashing version of Dizzy Gillespie’s “A Night in Tunisia”.
Euro Groove Department also collaborate Live and Studio with the great bass icon Michael Manring who leaves his marks on the moving ballad “Aliyah”, dedicated to homonym R&B singer who died prematurely on a plane crash.
Emanuele Cisi, famous Italian Jazz saxophonist appears in "Out for Lunch".
Eurogroove Department has also collaborated live with Michael Manring and with the Italian guitar player William Stravato.
On the disc moreover appears as authors Daniele Gregolin and Marco Maggiore in "Song For A Bad Bunny” ballad solo on guitar and “Hands Up” drum solo.
Euro Groove Department are touring in many European festivals, they played on the Euro Bass Day 2nd and 3rd edition (2004-05) with Dominique Di Piazza , Jeff Berlin, Stanley Jordan, Mike Pope among others big names.

Guitar: Daniele Gregolin
Drums: Marco Maggiore
Bass: Joeri Hommerson
Special Guests:
Hyperbass: Michael Manring
Tenor Sax: Emanuele Cisi
Anno di realizzazione: 2005
Genere: Funk Fusion Jazz
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